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Block wind and keep warm throughout your day:

  • Stay protected from cold winds and maintain warmth all day long with this versatile garment.
  • Designed to provide excellent wind-blocking capabilities, it ensures your comfort and shields you from chilly weather conditions.


Innovative coating and inner mesh allows air circulation:

  • Experience optimal breathability with the innovative coating and inner mesh of Tusah Windstriker Jacket
  • The coating acts as a barrier against wind and moisture while the inner mesh facilitates air circulation, preventing overheating and ensuring comfort.


Concealable hoodie:

  • Enjoy the convenience and versatility of a concealable hoodie that comes with Tusah Windstriker Jacket.
  • The hoodie can be easily hidden or revealed based on your preference, offering added protection and style whenever you need it.

Windstriker Jacket

Color: Black

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